Tesco Sweet Treat Haul !!

So I, Lily, took a trip to my local Tesco’s in order to buy a few essentials; alas, I managed to come out with a few other things seeing as their Free From section is growing quickly and I have a rule to try everything at least once!

So to jump straight in, I am and have long been a chocoholic. Being vegan means you’re slightly limited for choice and you have to do a bit more digging around in order to find just what you’re looking for. Tesco’s left me in the position of being unable to resist. Here’s what I thought of them.

At first I thought I was dreaming, but no, there they were GIANT CHOCOLATE BUTTONS! As you can probably imagine, after taking this photo I opened the packet to try them.  I was not disappointed! “Milk” chocolate (as opposed to dark or white) is my favourite and these are really good.

They’re quite sweet and they lack the creaminess of some chocolate, nevertheless they are really good. Not the best I’ve had so 7/10 –  I will be back for more.



I moved on only for these to leap off of the shelf and into my basket. I LOVE anything truffle based so no one should be surprised that there was a box with my name on it. These are really good and the packaging is classy, although I generally associate truffles with being coated in powder, which, these were not.

They have a hard exterior with a chewy inside and are fairly chocolatey. I can’t say they are the best I’ve tasted, but they are very good and I’m really encouraged and excited when I imagine how much better they will be in the future. For £2 a box they are a must try, for me though I can only give them 6.5/10.



Last but most certainly NOT least, are these Toffee & Vanilla cones. I always like to check if any new vegan ice creams that have been added to the Free From section and my heart skipped a beat when I saw these. How great do they look! I knew there and then that they had to be mine.

Before going vegan, I didn’t really eat a lot of ice cream; these days though I simply can’t get enough of it. Vegan ice cream is so light, refreshing and tasty, if I see a new brand or flavour I just have to try it. Finding this was a real treat they were just so good. If you’re looking for an alternative to dairy ice cream I would 100% recommend these. At just £2 for a box of four they are excellent value. And my rating? 11/10 for sure!

Whether you’re vegan or not, you should definitely try these. I can’t imagine anyone not absolutely loving them and when things are this good, there really is not reason to not let the baby cows have their mothers milk, we really don’t need it.

I hope you enjoyed this short haul. I’m going to be reviewing lots of different products including make up, clothes and other food items. I’ll either be blogging on here or via our YouTube channel so please stay tuned!

Happy Veganising!


A Letter

My Dearest A,

I’m really sorry I haven’t written in what must seem like ages. I never seem to have enough time anymore. I’m working day and night but each time I look up I still feel like I’m getting nowhere.

No matter what I say it’s like no one really listens.

I’ve met some wonderful people recently, who have really helped me. I love spending time with them although it can be so painful when we talk; sometimes we just end up holding each other and crying.

One of the guys is so strong and his words give us all hope, he’s a warrior, you would be so proud of him. He stands up for you even when they try to knock him down. I worry for him sometimes, I know how hard this is and the toll it takes on all of us.

You have to believe that things are changing; I know it doesn’t seem like it and it must feels like things are only getting worse, but we are changing hearts, more people are joining us every day.

Soon they will not be able to ignore us, push us aside or treat us like they do. When enough of us stand together they will have to listen.

One day we will break down those walls and you will be free.

I have to go now; I still have so much to do. Rest all you can, take care of the others and know that we’re here for you and we are not all the same.