To be cruel or not to be cruel .. why is this even a question?!

If you have a choice between products on a shelf one marked LOTS of animals died for this shampoo .. or one marked with a leaping bunny that signifies NO animals died for this product. I am guessing you would swerve the clearly marked cruelty product? Especially if there were smoking style photos of rabbits and cats and dogs being abused on the side. Right? I mean we are a nation of animal lovers right?

The sad fact is if the truth be known, almost all products on the shelves in UK stores should still carry a graphic warning, as even if the products themselves havent been tested on animals, they can still contain animal exploitation products and compounds that are tested on animals.

Because we cannot rely on cruelty products to promote their true nature, we have to start asking the right questions rather than assuming because it says ‘natures way’ or ‘herbal extracts’ that this is a suitable product for our health and also the planets health. Products that are cruelty free and vegan with eco friendly packaging are the best choice for you, your body and the environment and animals.

Animal testing and animal exploitation are vicious evil practices that have no place in a civilised society. There are so many viable alternatives to an outdated practice instigated by a man they modelled the characters of Jekyll and Hyde upon!

A well known body snatcher who founded a grisly museum of stolen body parts; in the 1700’s John Hunter developed the process of animal testing prior to human testing and we still use it today.

There are now so many people working to change these processes, Dr Hadwens trust is amongst research companies providing animal free testing in pharmaceutical research. There are so many cosmetic brands and beauty products that are vegan and cruelty free .. make the change be a real animal lover and stop supporting cruelty and suffering for the latest MAC shade.

Be peaceful, be graceful, be kind BE Vegan.



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