Animal Liberation

Every week millions of animal’s bodies are being violently and unrightfully taken from them because the human races moral baseline is so fractured.

Trillions of innocent, sentient beings are ripped away from this earth.

I have awakened to the biggest injustice in history and my mind just can’t seem to comprehend this torture, this murder and this force of evil on such a huge scale. It’s like I’ve woken up in a nightmare.

Over the past seven months I have witnessed so many beautiful beings taken from life, it has made my heart break in places I didn’t think it could.

I know now, my life will be dedicated to every single one of those lives lost.

I’m so proud to know each and every one of you incredible activists, whether it be through social media, out on the streets, opening the eyes of the world or marching by your sides.

The law right now is failing to protect the most innocent and vulnerable of beings on the earth, and until they do, I WILL NOT stop.

Keep up your fight, I fight with you.

One day the rest of the world will see, they’ll wake up and we WILL have animal liberation.

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