Balancing Act in Vegan Activism

A thought came to me recently seeing so many well known people in the vegan world playing prominent roles in the current movement sweeping the UK. A person who has work or family commitments can feel disheartened if they aren’t able to commit to the movement as much or or as often as they would like to.

However, simple things and contributions as we go about our days can help no matter how small.

I today for instance had some fun stickering in the ‘murder aisle’ of Aldi and M&S and speaking to fellow workers on ‘lactose intolerance’. Girl you simply aren’t a baby cow.
I’m always stickering on the back of seats of trains/buses on the way to work and leaving leaflets where I know they will be found.

Putting a few stickers about or speaking to people as you go about your day can mean as much as any other form of activism. Don’t ever feel for one minute that just because you have an incredibly busy life and you can only contribute in little ways, that you are letting anybody down.

Even if vigils, outreaches or protests are impossible for you to get to, though this are great to gain ideas and meet fellow vegans and support network, never underestimate the value of the small contributions that you can make.

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