Removing the AG-Gag

Late last Friday afternoon, a federal judge struck down a controversial law that prohibited photography or filming inside agricultural operations in Utah, ruling the law violated the First Amendment.

It violated much more than that.

The First Amendment, by the way, protects freedom of speech.

Animal agriculture has long had the legal system on its side, if not in its pocket.

The simple fact of the matter is that in factory farms and slaughterhouses across the world, innocent creatures who value their lives every bit as much as you or I do, are having them brutally ended, simply for profit.

Never, ever be fooled that it’s for any other reason.

These evil, greedy butchers will go to almost any length to hide what they do from the public. The Ag-Gag law is aimed at punishing animal rights activists who go undercover to document the abuses and horrific conditions that animals on factory farms must endure.

This is a victory for the animals. It may not be a watershed moment from which the entire ag-gag institution falls in a heap, but it will set a precedent, so it’s a real possibility.

And I know it’s been said a million times, but if these people and places have nothing to hide, what do they have to worry about?

Nick Bean

Environmentalist, activist, writer and public speaker. Decided to "Go Vegan" at the age of four.

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