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8 months to the day I made the long overdue choice to go full compassion and be vegan after 10 years vegetarian. During these months I wanted to share the truth I myself had fully become aware of in the dairy and egg industry. I’d always been opposed to eating animals and had in the past wanted to bring awareness to others, only to be told not to say the truths. I was also struggling then as a vegetarian on how to be active to share the truth as a then 19 – 20 year old.

Sadly not much could I seem get involved in or know how to access at the time and became subdued to a degree in my feelings with to people eating animals. I never wavered as a vegetarian from pressures, abuse, mockery or food choices. It was so easy to be vegetarian, it was second nature, there was no lame excuse but selfishness to full down.

As a vegan now, there are so many opportunities to be involved to share the truths. It can be overwhelming! From protests, demos, vigils to outreaches. London is a hub for activism I’ve found. Sadly there was little activism happening in my local area, though I knew a few were going on such as vigils, which are essential in themselves, yet only reach to a degree.

Most important is to work within our local towns/cities/villages to share with the locals. I wanted to start something myself so launched Kingston Vegan Outreach for my local area in Surrey. We are only two events in but they have been extremely successful and well received. All the more eye opening is the large number of vegan and vegetarians already in the area, right at my door step! Who would have guessed.

My hope with these outreach events are that we are able to bring awareness to the locals and to encourage local vegans/vegetarians to become active to share the strong feelings they have for being vegan. For if we ourselves feel cruelty is wrong, we need to share to others this as they won’t know if we don’t help share the truths!

Please if you’re interested in becoming active and attend an outreach group near you or to join Kingston Vegan Outreach. The FB page is –

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