Vegans Bear Witness to Carnist’s ‘Choice’

Exactly one week ago I’d attended Farnborough Animal Vigils group to bear witness along with many other vegans/vegetarians to the innocent pigs, cows and sheep enroute to be killed for human’s to eat their deceased bodies.

It’s haunted  myself and many others ever since with flash backs with the tiny piglets no more than 8 weeks old (coincidentally the same age puppies or kittens are taken to from their mums and sold to humans for their entertainment, not for the kittens/puppies). Also the very young male calves, few months old, with soft doe brown eyes wide and innocence looking out of the trailers having been taken from their grieving mums. Sent to be killed because they’re born the wrong gender all so humans can drink his mother’s milk.

The many older piglets were kept in filth and wreaking of faeces and urine. The with one trailer, smell hung long in the hot air that day well after the trailer had emptied of the piglets and left. I could still smell days afterwards. The heat of that day was well into the 30 degrees. The metal trailers were like ovens for the suffering animals. The pigs packed tight were gasping and panting heavily (very much as a dog does on hot days) in this metal inferno. We gave water to what pigs we could to ease their thirst.

The piglets were the hardest to bear along with the tiny sons of dairy cows.. so tiny and wide eyed and curious. Oblivious to their violent end. Many people broke down of this extend of injustices to these tiny children. The sons and daughters of someone now grieving for her stolen children. Many tried to persuade the workers there to sell the babies to spare their lives. Yet these children were only reference to as contract or a delivery. The disconnecting of which no person present could comprehend.

Though my first vigil well back in January had been the hardest due the reality I had myself face for the very first time outside a slaughterhouse. The extent to the cruelty I have seen on this most recent vigil and the victims I shall not forget but use their lost lives to share with my outreach groups to the public I speak with.

This day saw 5-6 trailers and one large truck of innocent beings sent to die. It doesn’t have to be this way. Vegans don’t want to have to bear witness to innocent billions of children destined to die to shake carnists up about the truth when it’s so apparent in this age of technology and information and science.  Yes, the food industry is what puts the blinds and blinkers on people. Yet we can think for ourselves and make a choice if we dare to not be dictated follow the crowd with lies and deceit.

Until the last killing house is closed, animal activism shall never cease or be quieted to conform for those feeling the guilt of their ‘choices’ nor to the food industries whom keep trying to lie and brainwash people.

We want to be unique yet aren’t in our blindness to follow in supporting cruelty.

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