The New Normal

I really am the happiest, most positive, most optimistic person I know. I always try and bring that positivity and happiness to others too, I’m really not selfish with it.

Even I have my off days though and today is one of those days, shame really because it’s all so unnecessary, if only people were honest with themselves.

Those closest to me think I’m too thin and are “really worried about me”. According to my doctor and the NHS body mass index checker I am the perfect weight for my age and height. My BMI is 21.

I live on a vegan diet and an almost entirely whole food, vegan diet. I don’t like the term “plant based”, it’s ambiguous. Someone who eats the odd bit of meat, fish and dairy could say they have a plant based diet, mine is 100% vegan.

The thing is, being overweight is the new normal, it’s what we see as normal and when we see someone who is not, we consider them too thin. Probably because in the 50 years between 1960 and 2010 the weight of the average adult in the west increased by two stones.

And going hand in hand with this additional weight are the fast growing prevalence of lifestyle diseases such as T2 diabetes and obesity. As well as that 40% of UK adults are taking statins to reduce cholesterol and more of us die from heart disease caused in the main by blocked arteries than anything else. These are all diet related and cost the NHS billions to treat.

I don’t have any of these. I don’t take any medication. I never get sick. This is because of my diet and because of my weight.

Recently I converted a man in his early 60s to veganism. It’s only been six or seven weeks but his life has changed already. He feels amazing, has almost unlimited energy and is losing the extra weight he was carrying.

It’s not impossible that I will have given him 10 years of quality living, free of the concoction of drugs most of us are kept alive on.

I don’t want praise for this; it’s what I do day in day out. I do it for the individuals of course but mostly for the poor innocent animals being needlessly slaughtered every day.

I get that most people don’t care. It sickens me to the bottom of my stomach and I have less and less time for these people, but I know I can’t change everyone.

I make no apologies for my stubbornness. I’m simply not prepared to sit and watch it happen without speaking up and loudly.

If it makes you uncomfortable then you need to have a close look at why you don’t care. Just don’t turn it around, deflect it back at me to make yourself feel better.

Nick Bean

Environmentalist, activist, writer and public speaker. Decided to "Go Vegan" at the age of four.

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  1. Good for you, Nick, and for all of us that you are not a quiet vegan. It’s important that we all speak out about the importance of Vegan at every opportunity… maybe not quietly but definitely kindly and passionately, for the sake of our health, the welfare of the fauna we share this earth with and for the sake of preserving our planet. Thanks for the article, which I am happy to share.

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