No Saves are Easy, Some are Harder than Others

Often when I speak to people about attending a Save Vigil they say that they could never do it. They say that would be too upset or they wouldn’t be able to control their anger.

In the past I’ve always dismissed this, telling them they can do it, it’s not so bad, great people, etc etc.

I’m not so sure anymore.

Today we stood outside Newman’s Abbatoir in Farnborough, Hampshire and witnessed truck after truck of baby animals being taken to their deaths.

Really, babies. Calves and piglets no more than two months old.

People were screaming, crying, begging them to stop. People I’ve known a long time, people I’ve never seen get emotional in this way, broke down on the street and had to be helped up.

We even offered to buy the animals and send them to a sanctuary for the same price that the slaughterhouse were paying. This probably sounds crazy but we didn’t know what else to do.

I spoke to all of the drivers that were willing to speak. One or two showed brief signs of humanity in their eyes, some got verbally aggressive with me, one threated to punch me.

I almost wish he had.

One of our group brought his daughter with him. She’s maybe 11 or 12. After one of the trucks went inside she asked the policewoman on the gate why she allowed it to happen. She couldn’t understand.

The policewoman was visibly moved and simply didn’t have an answer for her. She then asked if she had children of her own, she asked what she would do if someone took her baby.

The policewoman had to walk away.

No saves are easy, this one was almost impossible.


Nick Bean

Environmentalist, activist, writer and public speaker. Decided to "Go Vegan" at the age of four.

One thought to “No Saves are Easy, Some are Harder than Others”

  1. The hardest vigil Ive ever known of the few Ive bore witness to.
    how tiny and so innocent those children were was utterly heartwrenching of no return. We’d never wish or accept this of a human child. A pig or cow child is no different.
    incrediable girl as pure as the piglets and calves to have spoken up. A wonderful hope of the human children of the near future.

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