I’m getting ever more frustrated by the Vegetarians, the Reducetarians and the Flexitarians. I understand the message that’s it’s much easier to get people to reduce the amount of animal products they consume, than it is to get people to cut them out altogether and go vegan.

I get that they feel there may be certain nutrients in animal products that they can’t get from plants, although I wholeheartedly disagree and having lived half a century this way am living proof of this.

Still all of this in entirely irrelevant, animals that would choose life, have to die to accommodate your lifestyles. This is and always will be unacceptable in every single case. Just doing it less only makes you feel better about yourself; it will never make it right.

Join me at a save vigil, look into their eyes as they are being taken to their deaths and tell me it’s still OK for you to be a part timer.

I really dislike these labels, you either consume animal products or you are vegan. The amount you consume is irrelevant. You eat animals, they are killed for you, own it.

We’re all faced with two simple options when it comes to our food choices. Both of which will more than meet our needs. One causes harm to animals and one doesn’t. It really is as simple as that.

And as for consuming only organic, pasture raised meat, this is a completely unrealistic ideal, again to make you more able to live with your actions. The cost, the availability of land, makes this impossible. As long as people choose to continue eating animal products, there will be factory farms and all of the horrors that go hand in hand with them.

Organic and pasture raised animals no more want to die than any others. Giving them a cuddle and a kiss as you wield the knife really won’t make any difference to them.

And please don’t call yourself an environmentalist or say that you stand up for animal rights, for as long as you continue to consume animal products.

I get that the road to veganism will be a long one, but this has to be our moral baseline, our goal as an intelligent, caring species.

I will just about accept these Irrelevantarians so long as they use these diets as a stepping stone to veganism. Otherwise you’ll just end up pissed one night in a kebab shop. Moderation is the most difficult of disciplines.

Nick Bean

Environmentalist, activist, writer and public speaker. Decided to "Go Vegan" at the age of four.

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